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This magnificent 100 year old glass has been lovingly encapsulated making it double glazed so that the new windows match existing.
This magnificent 100 year old glass has been lovingly encapsulated making it double glazed so that the new windows match existing.

UPVC Vertical SliderS

Illingworth Brothers supply and install UPVC vertical sliding windows in Edinburgh, Lothian and throughout Scotland.

They are the perfect solution for many different styles of buildings, especially buildings with period characteristics. These are one of the most popular solutions that our customers choose for installation in the more traditional Scottish buildings.

Although they are made using modern materials, they have an authentic appearance that is characteristic of the traditional sash and case while offering all the benefits of modern state of the art technology.


Some of the benefits of UPVC vertical Sliders are:

  • Using high standards of double glazing combined with advanced materials, we are able to produce thermally efficient windows, which in turn aid with heat retention and are draught free. - meaning that you will stay warmer and cosier.
  • They require a low level of maintenance; they are effectively maintenance free and all they require is an occasional wipe down with a cloth.
  • They will never rot, distort, or discolour and will continue to look as good as they did on the day they were installed for many years to come.
  • Our high quality UPVC provides considerable strength and high levels of security. Our modern UPVC vertical sliders are considerably more secure than the old sash and case windows they will be replacing.
  • Easy and effortless to open and close. Old vertical sliders have the habit of sticking, which can makes opening and closing them difficult. Our UPVC vertical sliders will never stick or jam.
  • Excellent acoustic insulation - unlike the traditional slider, our UPVC sliders provide excellent levels of acoustic insulation. They are the ideal solution for keeping out the sounds of busy city streets and noisy neighbours.
  • We can supply them in brilliant white, which will not fade or discolour. You can also choose a range of alternative colours and finishes to blend in with other features in your building.

If you are looking for replacement windows that will keep your home warm, quiet and draught free, then our low maintenance UPVC vertical sliding windows are a perfect solution for many styles of building.

We are able to provide customised solutions tailored to your specific requirements, so please do not hesitate to give us a call on 0131 623 7303 and our experts will be more than happy to discuss your options.

Illingworth Brothers - UPVC Vertical Sliders - Worth Choosing

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Why visit costly, staged showrooms when you can visit our factory to see consistently outstanding quality products being made by our careful & experienced tradesmen for yourself?


All of the timber that we use is sourced from "Sustainable Forestry", which ensures that as trees are felled they are replaced with seedlings that eventually grow into mature trees. Combining our low emissivity (Low E) argon filled glass with warm edge technology offers the lowest U-values in the market today. This way we can guarantee to keep the cold outside, but also ensure that the heat remains inside.