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Wooden Doors

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Wooden Doors

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High security timber door made to any configuration.
This project in Edinburgh we manufactured a custom made wooden front door using the finest timbers to produce a strong and durable door.


Illingworth Brothers manufacture and install wooden doors in Edinburgh, and throughout Scotland. We understand the importance of the quality and style of your front door. It is vital in creating the first impression that your guests will get when they visit you, and not only for the first time.

Make a real difference to your home with beautifully handcrafted doors custom made to any specification to suit the style and architecture of your house at very competitive prices.

The importance of your doors should never be underestimated, not only does your front door provide you with security, it also says a great deal about you.


Illingworth Brothers believe that every front door should be individually crafted so that it suits the style and architecture of your house while reflecting your personal tastes and style.

You might choose to specify a solid wooden door for that extra feeling of gravitas and security, or, you might choose one of our wooden double glazed doors which is the best option if your priority is to provide more light into the front of your home.

Our wooden doors are tailor made using the highest quality materials and workmanship. We craft them in our own factory at Broxburn which you are welcome to visit and talk to our top rated craftsmen.

Our double glazed wooden door use traditional mortise and tenon joints and can be provided with up to an A rating insulation level; they are totally draught sealed too. There are various security options on all our front doors including hook bolts.


An Illingworth wooden front doors is an investment for the future. It is tailored to suit the Scottish climate and provides you with a very high degree of security to keep your family and your possessions safe. Produced using the finest materials and craftsmanship it will last for decade after decade.

Illingworth Brothers - Wooden Doors - Worth Choosing

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If you have any queries on any of our services, one of our experts will be happy to talk to you and can answer any of your questions.


Why visit costly staged showrooms when you can visit our factory to see your consistent outstanding quality products being made by our careful & experienced tradesmen for yourself.


All the timber that we use is sourced from "Sustainable Forestry". More trees are planted than are used. Our glass is low emissivity (Low E) argon filled keeping the heat inside and the cold outside. Using warm edge technology which offers the lowest u values in the market today.